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Beauty products|SundayMood


Hey guys!
For this Sunday Mood I separated few beauty products that I use the most. They help me to have healthy body. Either I discovered them by myself or I heard about them from my friends, Internet etc. So, let’s see..

  1. Baby bath
    Maybe this is weird to you, but bath that is made for babies is a lot healthier for your skin. There is no parabens and its formula is soft. After few days of using it you will notice that your skin is a lot smoother and it’s glowing more. I use a Kosili, but I’m not sure if you have it in your country. But any bath that is for babies is great for you too.
  2. Labello
    My lips are much softer, healthier and and they shine so much since I use this. Wind, coldness and any type of weather doesn’t effect my lips anymore. It helps in recovering and protecting your lips.
  3. Loreal Elseve Repairing Oil
    This is something that helps my hair to stay strong, shiny and healthy a lot. I use it once a week and it recovered my damaged hair. I recommend this a lot for those who have damaged hair especially if it’s from coloration like it was in my case.
  4. Peeling
    It nourishes and moisturize your skin. It removes dead skin, blackheads and exfoliate. I use it once a week and since I use it my skin is feeling soft and fresh.
  5. BB/CC cream
    I use it instead of powder. I explain why is it so important to use this cream instead of powder in this post: Powder VS. BB/CC cream

That’s it guys! Hope this post helped you and that you’ve found a solution for problem that you may had. If you want any advice or similar comment bellow or email me.

Love you guys!




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