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Krakow, Poland| Travel time

Hey guys! Have you ever been to a city that you fell in love at the first sight? That’s what happened with me when I arrived in Krakow. Dashing streets, amazing architecture and breathtaking views. This city have so much history filled with myths, stories and real events. Behind every monument stands a great story… Continue reading Krakow, Poland| Travel time

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Interview with Izabela Kečan

Hey guys! As you now last week was Fashion Week in Serbia! One of shows that I went to was Izabela Kečan’s. She’s a young,talented Croatian designer that has an amazing collection called “White”. I had a crazy luck to meet her, interview her and maybe to create friendship for a lifetime! She certainly left… Continue reading Interview with Izabela Kečan

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Virtual Closet| Sunday Mood

Hey guys! How are you spending this weekend? I had plenty of family time. I think that more important question is “Are you ready for Fall?” If you aren’t, this week is really the “deadline”.To be honest, I’m not truly ready for the Fall either. I know that in previous posts I’m already wearing my… Continue reading Virtual Closet| Sunday Mood