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Outfit inspired by Serbia



Hey guys!
Slowly but surely we’re coming to an end of this project.
This time my outfit is inspired by Serbia. Small and beautiful country from Europe. It’s my country and I love it the most. Nature is breathtaking and people are always kind. We are tolerant and we learn fast about new trends. That’s why I wear denim on denim. If you want to know more about Serbia or to visit it just click here .


Polako ali sigurno dolazimo do kraja ovog projekta.
Ovaj put moj outfit je inspirisan Srbijom. Malom i predivnom zemljom iz Evrope. To je moja zemlja i najviše je volim. Priroda oduzima dah a ljudi su uvek ljubazni. Tolerantni smo i brzo učimo o novim trendovima. Zbog toga i nosim teksas na teksas. Ako želite da znate više o Srbiji ili da je posetite kliknite ovde.





Love you guys!


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