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Virtual Closet| Sunday Mood


Hey guys!
How are you spending this weekend? I had plenty of family time.
I think that more important question is “Are you ready for Fall?” If you aren’t, this week is really the “deadline”.To be honest, I’m not truly ready for the Fall either. I know that in previous posts I’m already wearing my ankle and my over the knee boots, that are btw my statement pieces for this season, but I need a heat and a new coat. And maybe few jumpers. However I look, I will always need something and I will never be truly ready.
Anyway, I need to share with you something that I found out about recently. I don’t know about you but in my closet there’s never enough space. I just need much more things than my wardrobe can take. Wouldn’t our life be easier if we had virtual closet? If we had someone that will come to our place, take our stuff and storage it? And then whenever we need something through the use of app someone can bring it to us! Maybe you won’t believe me but this app exists! It’s MakeSpace.  It is kind of like having a second closet, or even a personal assistant that brings you your stuff at a snap of your fingers. You can find out where they are available here. If I could use MakeSpace, it would be my favorite app!

Love you guys!


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