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T.M. Lewin Infinity Suits


Hey guys!
Okay,ladies, I know that you’re right now wondering what are you doing here because this post is all about man suits. Well, if you have a special man in your life you will want to buy him these! I’m myself trying to find the perfect one for my boyfriend. We know how amazing it is when besides you stands an elegant and yet casual man. Why wouldn’t ours be like that?

And of course there is that question: Who will iron them everyday? If your man starts to like this suit, and trust me he will, he would want to wear it as much as it’s possible. In this collection there will be available Non Iron shirts. That means you don’t have to iron them! And how you can now it for sure? Just look at this teaser: Infinity Suit Teaser

I mean if it stays perfect after running through London it will stay perfect and after morning commute, no matter how crowded your train, the hours caught in traffic jams or the traffic dodging cycle into work.
They are launching today. So be ready to check them out at T.M.Lewin site!


Big thanks to T.M. Lewin team for this opportunity, especially for Caleb. Working with brand and having a look at unpublished collection is really a dream come true!

Love you guys!



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