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Arabic Makeup Look


Hey guys!
I know that this way of doing makeup is really popular. I decided to share with you easy way to do it and few advices. I wouldn’t recommend it to girls with small eyes because this makeup will anyway make your eyes look smaller.


  1. On your upper eyelid put an eyeliner. Above your eyelashes your line should be thin.
  2. Under your eyes put a dark shadow or an eye pencil. Blend it out and make a connection with your eyeliner. Be sure that this color will be a little brighter than your eyeliner.
  3. In your tear duct put a black eye pencil. It’s sometimes hard to do it in one move so you should stop few times and rest few seconds. Make sure to fill your whole tear duct.
  4. You still have a channel under your upper eyelid to do. It’s easier to put here a black eye pencil if you look down and raise your upper eyelid.
  5. Everything else you can do however you want.


If you do it send me pictures on email or DM me on instagram! I would like to see how it turns out!
Love you guys!



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