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Wavy beach hair


Hey guys!
Am I the only one that adores that wavy beach hair? Casual waves are amazing and easy to make. Especially if you like a creative chaos. But only on your head. When you make these ones you’ll see how adorable they are.

  1. Twist your hair into chunks, keeping in mind the smaller the chunk, the tighter the twist, the curlier the wave.
  2.  Gather them at the top. Don’t worry about the back part of your mullet if you can’t grab it all.
  3. Spray it with sea salt spray! (You can make it on your own: add a handful of salt to a cup of water and then put it in e.g. clean spray bottle)
  4. Keeping your hair in one hand, scoop the remainder of your wig up into the handful of twists. Don’t fuss about errant strands because beach hair isn’t supposed to look “perfect”.
  5. Twist it all into a bun.
  6. Wait until your hair is completely dry and then undo your topknot and comb through the curls with your fingers.

My hair isn’t curled that much because I twisted my hair in bigger chunks and I wanted more casual waves. But it still looked quite curled! And messy!

Love you guys!


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