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Deep smokey eyes|SundayMood

Hey guys!
There’s always a problem when it comes to night out makeup. Sometimes you just don’t have ideas. I have this classic smokey eyes makeup that I use every time when I don’t have enough of imagination. It’s simple and easy to apply:

  1. Put brown base on your eyelid
  2. Add some dark eyeshadow on your base and blend it really well
  3. You should slightly warm up your crease so use bronze eyeshadow for that
  4. Right under your eyebrow use white eyeshadow or eye pencil
  5. Add more dark layers on your eyelid but you shouldn’t touch your crease
  6. You should do your foundation if you haven’t before putting a makeup on eye
  7. Use bright, pastel or nude color for your lips.

You can make your eye makeup look even darker or brighter. However you want. And you can combine with it lip color that you like. Remember less is more!
My makeup looks more dark in real. On photos it’s too bright. Sorry xx

Love you guys!


4 thoughts on “Deep smokey eyes|SundayMood

  1. It’s not that hard trust me. Especially this one. If you have any problems you can contact me via email and I can help you. Thanks!!


  2. You look so lovely! I really find eye make up so tough, I’ve been trying it for a while now but that blending really gets me each time haha but I’ll give your method a try to. 🙂 great post!!


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