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Destinations for summer 2016


Hey guys!
Summer is almost here. And if you haven’t planned the whole vacation yet, here are some suggestions of destinations that are worth visiting! My top 10!

  1. Santorini, Greece
    Are you in love with sea? Do you like small, luxurious island cities? If you do, this one is perfect for you. In a country with amazing tradition, with lovely people this white-blue island will take your breath away.
  2. Sicily, Italy
    Scent of Mediterranean, sand above your feet and warm sun on your skin. This is just a part of what you can expect of this island. Tasty food, cheerful people, Italian architecture and lovely sunsets. You shall definitely visit this island.
  3. Phuket, Thailand
    Stunning tropical sunsets, warm blue sea, white palm-lined beaches and many adventures awaits you here. You can see animals that you may have never before, you can dive and enjoy in the amazing fauna and flora of the sea. Isn’t that exciting?
  4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Big-time sporting events are just a part of Rio that is exciting. Delicious food, colorful festivals, nonstop nightlife and beaches are well-known in Rio. Fun is promised here!
  5. Cape of Good Hope
    This destination with one of the most romantic names in the world will give you magical experience. Visiting this cape and seeing only see in front of you will give you feeling that I can’t describe. Wind in your hair and on your skin, scent of ocean and amazing, endless view.


  6. Maldives
    White sand, turquoise sea and luxurious resorts are our daydream. It can come to life in this magical archipelago. Here adventures are well-known. This place will make you memories for a lifetime.
  7. Amsterdam
    If you would rather visit a city pick Amsterdam. Lively people, charming streets, romantic canals and markets with flowers will be a part of your adventure in Amsterdam. In this city you can bond with nature. You can cycle or take a canal cruising, enjoy in parks and relax.
  8. Singapore
    This city-state is one of the most culturally diverse places. Here you can meet almost any culture of the world. Singapore’s markets are amazing you can find there anything you want. City of night zoo and man-made waterfalls will charm you!
  9. Hong Kong,China
    It’s a place with multiple personalities. Skyscrapers and neon lights are this cities trademark. This is shopping paradise where you can find international cuisine and expect many festivals and fairs.
  10. Cuba
    Miles of white sand beaches, small tucked away towns, striking architecture, clear blue waters and the best cigars in the world are all found in the lovely country of Cuba.

Love you guys!


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