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Be a real traveler|SundayMood

Mykonos - Greece

Hey guys!
We have all been there. Chaos while packing, trying not to miss your plain (transport) and when you arrive you realize it’s already time to leave! And what then? That feeling that you haven’t seen anything just hit you.
Here are some tips that you should always stick to when you travel. In this way you will experience that destination more.

  • Explore more
    Don’t always stick to your guide. Talk to locals and try to find some place that are worth seeing and aren’t on your path. Remember that your safety is very important, but when you’re already traveling do some adventure!
  • Take public transportation
    This is really the best way to experience your destination. You will get in touch with locals, in cheap way get for one place to another and you will learn more about the core of that city.
  • Purchase a souvenir
    But not from the gift shop. Go to the market and buy something real and that will always bring you memories of that trip.
  • Document details
    You can write a diary. You can capture every detail that you like. Collect details that you liked so one day you can look back at your trip and enjoy remembering adventured that you have experienced there.
  • Eat in a place that is recommended to you by locals.
    Always chat with locals. You can find out about amazing things. They can tell you what are their favorite place to eat and why.
  • Learn the language
    At least those easy words. So when you get to store you can say hello, goodbye, thank you and please in their language. Trust me, it’s a great feeling when you do that. And in this way you will increase your vocabulary.
  • Hit the town
    City that you see by day really change when the sun sets. Get dressed up and see where will night lead you. Live music in bars or huge, pulsing clubs or maybe into candlelit cafes with plenty of wine? Who knows! Just hit the town.
  • Challenge yourself
    Do some thing that you always have been afraid of. Eat something new. Jump from a rock into the sea. Dive. Do a bungee jumping. There’re plenty things to do. Wherever your comfort zone is, challenge it. Make memories and enjoy in adventures.

Love you guys!


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