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Kill the monotony


Hey guys!
Monotony is a state in which everything is same. You have that routine and you stay in it. Even in style it becomes frequently. It’s fine to wear for example all black. But sometimes it’s good to make even a little change. In this outfit post I’m trying to show you how little detail or in this case pink shirt can change impression of your outfit. Bring some colors, please!


Monotonija je stanje u kojem je sve isto. Imaš tu rutinu koje se pridržavaš. Čak i u stilu može postati učestala. U redu je nositi, na primer, sve crno. Ali ponekad je dobro napraviti čak i malu promenu. U ovoj outfit objavi pokušala sam da vam pokažem kako mali detalj, ili u ovom slučaju roza košulja, može da promeni utisak o tvom outfitu. Ubacite neke boje,molim vas!


Love you guys!


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