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Transform your bedroom|DIY



Hey guys!
If you want to change your bedroom I have few ideas for you. Sometimes we just get tired of our environment and we want something new.  Place where you spent a lot of time can affect on your mood and diligence.
Realize which colors you want to be main. Are you black and white type of person or you want more colors to bring in room? Think about it while you’re reading my ideas and choose colors and templates on your own.


  1. Fairy lights with photos
    It’s so easy. First buy lights in any color that you want and then hang on them photos or any paper memory or positive quotes. They look amazing and they can always perk you up!
  2. Washi tape pinboard
    I really hope that you all know about washi tape and amazing stuff that it can create! Just like this board! Make any template and choose any color of tape that you want and decorate your pinboard. Hopefully then you will regularly stick to all those obligations that you’ve pined.
  3. T-shirt doormat
    Okay, this one is really crazy. But you will have fun making it! Buy plastic doormat and then cut your old t-shirts in stripes and glue them however you want on doormat. It looks cool, isn’t it?
  4. Brick bookends
    Need bookends? Spray-paint a brick with gold, then decorate it with trims of lace or other fabric for a glamorous, feminine touch.
  5. Craft Supply Organizer
    It can help you to stop losing your tools for school. First on your cans you can glue a decorative paper that will make them look amazing. After it at the bottom of pyramid put 3 cans, one to another and glue their sides each to other. On level 2, put 2 cans and do the same as you did to last ones. On top of pyramid put one can. Voilà!

I hope this post gave you some ideas.

Love you guys!


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