Outfit inspired by USA


Hey guys!
Well this month I will post every Tuesday and Thursday an outfit combination that is inspired by a country that I love. This is how I see it.
This time I’ve chosen United States of America. I love USA’s cities, nature and many things that it has. Freedom is just one of them. Through this black, simple dress, black tights and Adidas Superstars I can see people of USA. Of course that without a great bag, Dutch braids and dark lipstick this outfit wouldn’t be complete.


Ovoga meseca svakog utorka i četvrtka postavljaću outfit kombinacije koje su inspirisane državom koju volim. Tako prikazujem kako ih ja doživljavam.
Ovaj put izabrala sam Sjedinjene Američke Države. Volim gradove SADa, prirodu i mnoge druge stvari koje ima.
Kroz ovu crnu,jednostavnu haljinu, crne helanke i Adidas superstar patike ja doživljavam taj narod. Naravno da bez divne torbe, Danskih pletenica i tamnog karmina ovaj outfit ne bi bio potpun.






Love you guys!




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