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Traveling|Sunday Mood


Hey guys!
I haven’t mentioned traveling for a long time. Last week I was searching for great tips for you guys If you want to travel cheaper. There are few things that you should always have on your mind.


  1. Be flexible
    This will always help you to get a great offer. When you want to travel and you know in which month you are free try to be more flexible with dates. If you are going to set dates and you wont’t or you can’t change them you must know that there are little chance to have any discounts, promotions etc. If you are flexible with dates and you don’t need to go on exact day and get back on exact day you have far more chances for a lower price.
  2. Incognito tab
    When you’re searching for flight or hotel always turn on your Incognito tab. If you don’t and you’re always searching for that one flight/hotel/destination travel agencies can see it and rise their price. Because they know that you want to go there.
  3. Travel with a friend or a partner
    In this way you will share payments and save money. And still you will have a great time and it’s better to have company than to travel alone.
  4. Avoid seasons
    If you want to have a cheap vacation don’t go to that destination when there’s a season because then prices are much higher. For eg, don’t go to Australia when it’s Christmas or to Spain when school summer begins.
  5. Try a private room instead of a hotel
    It’s cheaper if you decide to stay in private room then in hotel. Now there are a lot of websites that have transformed accommodation options and it’s great for you if you decide not to stay in hotel.
  6. Websites
    There are many sites today that are professional and they always find you a great price. Like Skyscanner for flights and hotels or Airbnb for private rooms.

I hope these tips helped you and that you will next time pay attention to these things.

Love you guys!


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