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Braids are back!|Sunday Mood


Hey guys!
If you were one of those who thought that braids aren’t IN anymore it’s time for you to admit that you’re wrong. They are officially back if they were ever out. I personally love to wear them since I was little. I will give you few types of braids that you can wear for any occasion and the way to make them.

  1. braid1
    A Regular Three-Strand Braid
    It’s the baseline of braids. Taking three sections of hair, you alternate passing on section from either side over a center strand. To get more control of your tresses, braid second-day hair or dampen your hair before starting the technique. You can also try a braid paste that gives hair more of a pliable texture.
  2. 1e88fec1545e4ba589e8489f4912a35a
    The Fishtail Braid
    This look is created by separating your hair into two sections. The technique consists of taking one strand from underneath one of the sections, and passing it over to the other. You repeat this on both sides continuously. It helps to tie your hair off in a ponytail first so that you can practice with controlled sections of hair.
  3. 4f3bf8177b7c74fefc292f7fc3f2e79f
    French Braid
    From the top of the head, take a section into 3 strands crossing right over middle. Continue placing left over middle (like a basic braid). Next gather a small even section from the right side of the head and add it to the right strand. Bring the strand you just added to, over the middle. Repeat this on the left side. Continue this technique until you have no more hair to add. Then braid a normal 3 strand braid.
  4. 28c302a19b0ba6681c9e06e3acd4cc20
    The Dutch Braid
    The Dutch Braid is basically a French braid, but instead of passing the hair over each strand, you’re doing it underneath. This allows the braid to sit on top of the head, as opposed to weaving in towards the head in an inverted fashion.
  5. a705fc7e4d76ea57a5e741c94597a182
    The Milkmaid Braid
    The absolute easiest way to create a milkmaid braid is to create two regular braid pigtails and pull them up to pin them over the crown of the head like a headband.
  6. b8085f0eadc018243a27de9db5dde375
    Middle Braid
    Gather a two-inch section of hair. It should go from the top center of your head down to the nape and end in a point. Using a section, reverse braid from the hairline right down to the nape and secure it with a small band.

Love you guys!


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