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Simple makeup for NYE



Hey guys!
New Year’s Eve is coming and if you don’t have time or strength to put a lot of effort in your makeup look here’s few steps for great simple makeup. You will be prepared for celebration of every kind and you will look beautiful!

  1. Put a foundation on your face as you usually do.
  2. On your eyelids you should put a shadow base or a concealer.
  3. In the middle of eyelids put a shiny shadow that will give you that glam that you need.
  4. Above that shadow and in corners of your eyes put a darker shadow but that is in same color or similar as previous one.
  5. After this draw a black winged eyeliner as you wish.
  6. Put on a mascara.
  7. On lips you can use a red or a darker lipstick. If you want it to be mat click here for tutorial.

Hope this will help you and encourage you to wear simple but effective makeup for NYE!


*these pictures are examples for simple makeup


Love you guys!


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