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10 beauty hacks every girl should know|Sunday mood


Hey girls!
I know that staying beautiful is sometimes so hard. Either you don’t have time or you just don’t know how. I choose 10 beauty hacks that every single one of you should know about. Hopefully they will make your life a bit easier.

  1. Lining lips- Over line only center of your lips and for out corners draw a line among the natural line of your lips. With this you will make your lips look bigger in more natural way. And of course follow your shape of lips.
  2. To mat your lipstick and to make sure that it will not leave any mark click here for a video with instructions. It’s so easy!
  3. Get rid of knots in your hair by brushing your hair starting from the bottom. Your knots will be softly brush out. And when you’re done with the bottom of your hair you can move up to your next section.
  4. If you have split ends but you don’t want to cut your hair all you have to do is to twist your hair and all splits will pop out of your twist and then just cut them off.
  5. If you struggle while creating a perfect wing shape of eyeliner you should put a scotch tape from the bottom of your eyes imitating line that will make wing shape. Then just draw eyeliner however you wish and when you’re done take it off  and there will be a perfect line!
  6. To make sure that eyeshadow will stay on place for a long time and you don’t have a shadow base just use a concealer and put it on your eye lids.
  7. If you have an oily skin and you don’t have any product near you for that you should take a tissue and then pat across your face with it. It will absorb all greasiness of your face and then it will look more mat.
  8. When you washed your brushes and they look flat after it all you have to do is to take them upside down and roll them between your hands, In this way you will get back softness and fluffiness that they had.
  9. If you don’t have time to wait your nail polish to dry you should put your hands in glass full of cold water. After few seconds it will make your nail polish dry.
  10. If you have problem with your eyelashes and you constantly lose them (they just fall off) you should start using a coconut oil. Put it on your eyelashes after removing your makeup (especially if you had so much makeup on your face that day).

I hope this was helpful!
Love you!


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