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Less is more|Makeup

image-048cde1954c5a3f8e781cc4d00c3a9c7f966ddddfb54cc2b54b995a9d5d24220-V - Kopirati

Hey guys!
We often hear something new about Kylie Jenner’s makeup and how she does it. Or something about Kardashians contouring. It looks nice, but isn’t it too much? I mean put highlighter, primer, foundation, bronzer, blabla… Let’s figure something out. If you put all of that on your face do you really think it’s you? The real you? One that wakes up every morning without makeup?  The answer is no. Yes, you can look prettier with makeup but you can also look uglier if you don’t know how to use it. And if you know do you think it’s worth it? Let’s use me as an example. I have picture with a tones of makeup on myself and a picture of me with my daily makeup:

PicMonkey Collage (2)

So yes, I wear makeup. But we shouldn’t overdrive. Simple and as much as you really need. If you make a habit of wearing too much makeup you will become insecure in yourself and how you look without it. Beside it your face skin gets damaged. So to shorten it all: Always stay natural. Give the best from yourself. Believe in yourself. And the World will be small for you!

What do you think about makeup and how do you use it?

Love you guys!


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