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Halloween classy makeup|From Adyuka


Hey guys!

Well, Halloween is knocking on our doors and it’s almost here! Since not many of us are experts at face paininting and face art, I will show you a classy look that I would wear for Halloween.

When it comes to Halloween, dark shades and blacks naturally spring to mind. Because of that I have picked black eyeshadows and a dark lipstick. It’s a combination that we would rarely wear otherwise. But it’s Halloween so let’s play with dark colors!

We will begin with a base for the eyeshadow and to make the look more drammatic I’ve used the darkest eyeshadow I have. That’s the one you would normally use at the corners.

Then goes the second colour. I picked is the darkest shadow of gray I have.

Tip! It’s very important that you blend the two layers of eyeshadows very well. Not having a line between the two tones will give it a more professional look.


If you know how to use fake eye lashes or if you’d like to experiment, Halloween is definitely a good occasion for those!

Now let’s move on to the lips. If you want your lips to have a dark and matte look you should choose a lip liner that has no glitter. As an example, I’ve chosen a purple one.

If you want your lips to be darker you can add a dark lipstick on top of the lip liner.

If you have no preference between the matte or shiny lips, you can leave it just like that. If you do though, you have to either use a matte lipstick or top it up with some powder . If you’ve never hear about this trick before, here is my favourite tutorial.


If you want to shop any of the makeup I used for this look click here

Have an awesome Halloween!

Love you guys!

You can find this here. I’ve been a guest blogger on Adyuka. Thanks guys!


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