Made in the 90s



This outfit totally brings out my style! It’s slightly urban but I would describe it as a simple and comfy. Sometimes I experiment but this time I didn’t. Cozy sweater, jacket, pants and booths that are made of leather combined with favorite hat and bag is all that it takes. Simple and for every day. I put a purple lipstick that is perfect for Fall and in same time it brings life into combination and breaks the monotony. So don’t abstain and wear it!

Ovaj outfit definitivno i upotpunosti izražava moj stil. Da, pomalo je urban ali ja bih ga najviše opisala kao jednostavan i komforan. Ponekad znam da eksperimentišem, ali u ovom slučaju nisam. Udoban džemper, kožna jakna, pantalone i čizme. Omiljena kapa i torbica i to je to! Jednostavno i za svaki dan. Kako bih razbila ovu kombinaciju i donela malo živosti nanela sam ljubicasti karmin koji je savršen za jesen. Tako da, ne ustručavajte se da ga nosite!

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You can shop similar look here

This Tally Weijl hat you can shop here

Love you guys! 🙂


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