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Autumn or summer?

Hey my lovelies!

I’m not sure how weather is like at your place but here I don’t have a feeling that now is October. Sun is highly up and shines brightly warming us all, while sky is clear and sometimes, just sometimes there’s wind. It’s pretty unusual for an autumn, particularly for this month. Yesterday I got so confused with this that I didn’t know what to wear. If I go out in sweater I will boil but If I don’t it will be weird because at most places on this North hemisphere is real October. So I didn’t know how will it look to you. At the end I decide for this casual outfit that you can wear either it’s raining out or either it’s a sunny day.

I’m totally in love with my new Adidas superstar sneakers that are designed by Pharrell Williams.

I took these photos in Museum so it will be something like a tour through this Museum..xx

image-0d34247185951a998b13ed470333e9f573bf13c87dd09f9a971a2ff29776639f-V - Kopirati image-3b6e975a258c9a9bcbd3cc8c2efa2b218a8ef1384be535bdc1010d400edd86dd-V - Kopiratiimage-9ae0b68278e770ab1544e3f653200cb15cb63cf5bfbb54dc7e15c35432558c70-V - Kopirati image-6d1a6913430f23d8329a44e0ceceec039db3de114deabbf07e96b77a1ac6c651-V - Kopirati   image-33bf19e66356b7f327bceb55c7e6ca799dd4bae8ea27004ff04c8a50677a4430-V - Kopirati image-048cde1954c5a3f8e781cc4d00c3a9c7f966ddddfb54cc2b54b995a9d5d24220-V - Kopirati image-28cbf7963733df29b6d1196a8b36b2db28b06b780e15a159587a6b8e78419cdf-V - Kopiratiimage-61c6c8cd02064f1553fcea73643a920c1e5c4cc041b58de3256a1550b146844b-V - Kopirati image-168d44e84cd849c647a6a1112382a9fb1ce18236ec671a33ba9ecfa940684cef-V - Kopirati  image-c9eee787f13449ccff4d1ab8084f628828e7d97b06a39cbc2a8fc243db34c239-V - Kopirati image-562fa0192c7687a920ec9c15174656a99ef31ed4f187aa5fc5ca70ee7743cb67-V image-b3f1831b4f101b8caac450f7a11f52d7c24a5401c6bf938355dbf95415ca6e3e-V - Kopirati  image-3568332a81694a50b608dac5116263ce3a44fd9b08c0e27f1f025ccba48af7a2-V   image-bf9471e448a79a210bfe7786e18c6b754640bb122bbcc688f6e3423dc1ac6caf-V - Kopirati

Shop similar look here 🙂

Few photos from Museum:



image-ad21c2120bd8ae1e1ef1613f5afaebd5cdb7518aa06735d16902ff727188451f-V - Kopirati

image-334fe06ba69d80077ca2f429e94269c838837c5a3391fbe051ad6fc6dc8b0752-Vimage-3d51647dbb1559b44fdea9adad7e67d307533069ba34194d339e5935584fa1f8-V image-7f7dd6509ae96bfaed8c02a5c0f6cadfb8f0b637ba6a261f691c61414b7dfb2f-V image-9a8487470ec2d0961c47d4c5a92f2febe92dc416cd5b5de63663455e414023f2-V image-846c7a8ad79f90a718d7c4840f0148cc360ec4fbe71c59d10818c6990762f94b-V image-1982a49e6fb552e6c44cfc8517002cb8a66911c87624e56a2cdb406200216af2-V image-788985a9af92f10d05fe5a7ce2359be1c0e908e6778fc58aa7ca077a8639e491-V

Wish you great day! xx


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