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Relationship between fashion and me

Hello my sweethearts! In spirit of Fashion weeks that have already started I decided to write this post. What is fashion to a high school girl?

Well I was one of these girls that had phase when they every day after school or kindergarten spends too much time in their moms closets. I’m not ashamed to confess that I even made some kind of reviews where I imagine runway and walk by it. I would make a chaos in her closet but she have never been mad on me. Except when I start going to school and except of doing my homework I was thinking and combining what I should wear on my review.

When I grow up and had about 10 years I finally started shopping for myself and picking clothes that I like. I don’t know is it more because I’m stubborn or because I love to combine all by myself.  In my country girls don’t buy clothes by them self or even pick them until they are 14 or 15 years old. Not to mention boys. But I always know how to break rules.

When I look now on that period of my life, childhood, I’m getting pretty sure that fashion for me was escape from real life. After awful day combining what to wear tomorrow in school always brought happiness to me. Years were passing and my love for fashion and style was growing more and more. You can see that right now my style is simple. And I will keep it like that. Because it’s who I am.

So no matter what anyone says I will keep writing and publishing on this blog. And I will probably have this relationship with fashion forever.

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it”



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