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Travel Wishlist for 2016 II

Hello my darlings! So I recently made a post with my Travel WishList for 2016 where I wrote about top five places I would like to visit because I never did before. It’s a first post of this kind. And you all reacted great. So after few emails that I received with yours recommendations and all those kind words I decided to write it again and to expand my last post with these 5 amazing places..

  1. Capetown- I read amazing rewards about this place and all those opinions that are positive. I think that’s it’s an amazing city in wonderful continent and I would love to visit it. And also to go to Cape of Good Hope. I’m a huge animal lover and I know that in Capetown you can see penguins!                                 Swimming with penguins Cape of Good Hope
  2. Maldives- Ohh..turquoise sea and white sand..with beach and sea huts. I think that this place doesn’t need any explanation why is on my list and I bet everyone is dreaming about this heaven..    white sand, beach in maldives restaurant under sea
  3. Saint Petersburg- well this city is related to my childhood. When I was little I was fascinated with Vladimir Lenin. This city was called Leningrad after that man. And I have this huge wish to visit it since primary school. Also I’m in love with Russian architecture and history.                                                                           church of the savior on spilled blood The Hermitage Museum
  4. Cyprus- for me it’s a heaven for holiday. I would like to spend weeks on yacht here. Enjoying in a endlessly sea. History of this Island is strange and mysterious and also very important so I would love to explore more about it and culture of Island’s people.                                                                                          cyprus city of the kings underground Rocks by the sea in Cyprus
  5. Portugal- resorts that are located on rocks which are lying above the sea. I heard that houses in many cities or resorts are colorful and you all know how much I love colors and that’s easy for me to get an inspiration around them.                                                                                                                                       cave in portugal porto portugal

What do you think about all these places? Have you visited any of them?  If u have any recommendation or anything that you want to say you can do it in comment bellow or you can sent me a mail! (

Wish you all a great day! 🙂


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