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Crazy month

Hey lovely people! It was a long time I wrote last post. Almost a week. Sorry for that. But you all know how September for us students can be. After summer holiday obligations are starting. Slowly but surely. And right now I’m in a chaos. So many things to do but so little time. Anyway I wanted to share with you outfits that I like to wear in school. Or particularly anywhere that I can when is Autumn.

When it comes to first outfit I wanted it to looks casual but in same way professional. So it could express my style and in same way to say that I’m serious and ready for any work or study.

image-1b51e99c7d23920f9839066e7d1345086d5cd5ebbafeeff969c46a8af2e0a0c2-V image-7bb7f5afe5effd48233c762e43e7adb3544e146cc50815187213fb6f9bc93770-V image-13dfb5b561e21c94da0224e787505373ec943a13bf26efc5c785baba76a7ad36-V image-077f5c37874abe9c1d4c58ee431a98a0aea374001086d24b750b8036aedae0b4-V image-9213da45e2add0a334ea4c9ced23ff13e39c32258d7c9fda84bac2ea5e5d02a9-V image-01265556eaac5b8fa69cac8d5dae44f518163ead0bd5de0f794724c8069b2559-V image-c9e1d2763e2871ac3b0225be91ba88d7f137a7087da8ce94c769cc81131b16ee-V (1) image-da9b6680633e99fcedac8109159c47b8aaba31c84c0dcd697d63048eaade9813-V image-ed9d1465486313ae85b2d35a11f4160f7b1374e09fb454a88b0c5ce1ff7c146d-V image-eff71f753057f72a6aefa5cc5668342063d088d4c36fcdd045dd057562896741-V image-fb781d023fc3a4674aa8b11cd632a932b480614a4d05c429e79befb4e0d37d07-Vimage-d9fa646d13188e3217ed312fdf225b4cb4b05cfca0c396d24f276d8bf7aa55a7-V

Zara T-shirt


H&M shirt

C&A jeans


My second outfit is more ordinary than the first one. It’s what many girls like to wear. I don’t wear lipstick like this in school,don’t worry! 🙂

image-4a9f8442cb0786ac82ef82fbe8be8890ee6aa77adc7251d10a6a148ba51ae89c-V image-21e62a7bacf737f9635af3807b57f9bcee74179d8421330484540d05c6f3cb88-V image-959d428e3ac5b4f5b2fd8ff20c96c9c80fbdbb155c91ad802602b51a5399a938-V image-5260b391834a844fb469555fc9207c1ac1f8f59a0eb2dc929e9b4a67fb6b4141-V image-6236368abef478e8e91126410ffea6298ec5ed1abf5b545067c000de1d463dca-V image-a27e57e2f8cdab638a8c9accdfdd81ffdfff4b08a68324d3ea031a98add68dbb-V image-d3fbb0f9a298a59a07798539b857f18d9581ed0af2e0f7608c7e004b39a175b9-V image-f2d556848618272529bfa92efd75314695200cc4792f735e016ffe4ba14f833e-V image-fe2cc8cefb6592c512f769267c745184ad3ff61849633d7fdd3ab14eef23c784-Vimage-28960535fb94a91199fc1af019977c86c71c65dff4a4bb1c6cff4f3a20c16ff3-V (1)

H&M Shirt

H&M blouse

s.Oliver jeans


How do you like post like this? Where pictures are more numerous than words? Which post is better for you?

Have a nice day! 🙂


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