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Travel WishList for 2016

Hey guys!

Rain finally come and to my city. Personally I don’t have anything against rain except that when it’s rainy day I just want to sleep. I feel like I don’t have energy to do anything and I lose my will to go everywhere and explore everything. Rain and bad weather can very affect us, people. It’s not the cold that bothers me it’s more the negative energy that every drop can bring to me.

Today while I was at home wander off and find myself on places I have never been before and that I have a strong wish to visit them. So let’s begin…

PicMonkey Collage (1)

  1. India- a state of a beautiful culture and people who loves tradition. I imagine it as a state with cities that have colorful streets and with women that are wearing colorful traditional dresses. At the core I’m not a conservative or too much traditional girl but I like to see people who loves and respects their legacy no matter what. If I have to choose just one place in India that I can visit it will certainly be Taj Mahal. A temple that emperor raised in honor and love to his wife.                                                                                                                        
  2. Sidney,Australia- I think this city is in many travel WishLists. Maybe because it’s an urban city in that far away land that many people are talking about. Maybe because he’s amazing architecture. Maybe because he’s huge gardens. Maybe because city lights that comes to expression when it’s night. Maybe because there’s a huge fashion industry. I really don’t know what but something is dragging me there,too.                                                 5dd269b7fff99337ee9e10a0c2f46ebd 68d2aa64b6a48f5911003b99b6adaf1e
  3. Tokio,Japan- City of technology. City of new century. City of new ages. With people who knows how to work hard and to use their knowledge to make of this world a developed place. With people who calmly face with tsunami. With people who are united. I just want to spend there some time and to see how they really live. To experience their lifestyle.                                                                                                                         7558372c2166f675dc428f09347b1d08 d856bf1afd6eeb57ddb77c4d9911d58f
  4. Egypt- I wish I could see the pyramids. To touch them. To enjoy in everything that older civilizations made. To feel happiness and confusion when I realize that I’m in front of only one of 7 Wonders of Ancient World that exists now.                                                                                                                                                          1bdb92a72db70dff770b403e5cce25207f0d877a88b53bc1ac908fe6953974bd
  5. Sicily,Italy- it’s a place that I always imagine with sun that is shining highly on sky. I’m a summer child. Person that will always love more summer then winter. And I think that Sicily is a right place to spent the whole summer at. Colorful houses from older centuries, sea and sand, the sun that is absorbed by your skin, and you thinking that the whole world is yours. I think that would be a perfect summer for me.                     664e15a10c47dab8d08dd3fc5f7187e9 c7b94ad11b48e4825043abb9f4e7d333

Firstly I wanted to write 10 places that I would love to visit. But I’m not sure how will you like post like this. So if you want another 5 places that I want to visit next year like this post or comment bellow.


Do you have your travel WishList? If you have feel free to say it in comment. 🙂

Wish you amazing Friday and weekend that is coming,



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