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Hello guys!

This post is called “New Page” because things in my life are different now. New school. New town. New class. Old friends are asking me How can I do that?  Am I afraid?  Let me put it like this. Of what should I be afraid? I’m just following my dream. I’m living this life. I don’t want to be for the rest of my life in one room and always “safe”. I want to go out of that box. To explore this world. To explore my life. And to discover secrets of human’s life. Life will always be difficult. Because it’s full of impediments. But we should all learn how to pass them. How hard should we jump? Should we think about it first? About all circumstances. About all consequences. I think that we should. But not too much. Overthinking is not good. It kills in you your impulsive sparkles. I’m an impulsive person. I like to take a risk. And if it turn out as a good everything seems better and if it’s not then I learn from that. There’s nothing wrong in learning from your own mistakes. It’s not the best way to learn something but then impression is stronger. Trust me.

I like this city so much. I have some friends here and I think everything will be alright. Just a strong will, confidence and personality are all it takes.

Wish me luck. And don’t be afraid of new opportunities. That’s what I always say. Embrace them. With wide open HANDS! 🙂

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Wish you a great day,



5 thoughts on “New page

  1. Good luck with your journeys! Change is always a good thing.. you always have unexpected joys along the way. I’m going through my own change right now and express that through my posts as well. I’d love for you to check it out saying I am a new blogger and would love to hear feedback from someone of a similar topic (:

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