Well hello! What is inspiration? Artists always talk about it. Some of them have trouble with it but some of them find it easily. Famous artists talked about it as a muse that talks to them and shows when they have trouble with their work.

We bloggers know that sometimes it’s hard to think out a great new post. I read articles that talk about inspiration and they said if we love enough what we’re doing we won’t have any trouble. Well I can’t find strong enough word that will express my disagreement. I wrote stories and when I was little and almost always I had a blockade. You just need to find that light on the end of tunnel and then everything will make sense. So please don’t listen to those people who are only trying to tell you that you’re bad in what you’re doing. If you have a blockade do something else. Don’t think about your work. Relax. Have a nice bath or listen music.

I hope that I destroyed your doubts in being good enough to be an artist. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself. And that you love what you’re doing. Then everything will be fine and when you have a blockade you will get through it. Don’t do it only for money. Because then it will not be good. Write or make it how you like it and when you like it.

For those who are following me from beginning: I know this is a change and that posts like this you may not like. But I will still sometimes do an outfit or beauty post don’t worry!

Have a nice day,



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