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Dancing through this life

Hey folks! I decided to make a personal post where I will talk about life and everything at all. In spirit of my birthday that was a few days ago.

So, we’re all getting older. These years pass like they’re flying. I didn’t even make a step and year is gone. We can’t change that. No one can stop the time. But instead of trying to slow the time we should embrace it and do whatever we can to make our life better. Better for us. Doing what we love to do. Not what someone says that we should. Or what someone expects from us. I never have been a person that will do something just because someone tell me that I should. If I think that I should do something I will do it. Even if it’s not good. I’m a person who learns from its own mistakes. Maybe it’s not too smart but it’s the only way I’ll learn. Something like that was going on in my life when I was thinking to create this blog. Some of them were for it, some of them against. But I’m a person that loves to write. I’m a person that owns this blog. I’m a person that makes every single word and picture in every post. Everything is my decision. And maybe I make mistakes. But I will become better in this. I will learn tricks that will help me in creating posts and stories. Maybe not every photo here is a good choice, or maybe not every word but it represents me. Even if it’s a mistake. It represents who I am. I’m writing this to destroy any wrong thought of why I have this blog. I’m not here to be like Zorana (owner of http://www.zorannah.com) or like Tamara (owner of http://theglamandglitter.com). They’re great in their jobs of course but I’m not like them. I’m writing here because this is my way to express myself. Maybe it’s funny to say it like this but I’m talking to you through this blog. And I don’t regret that I made it. This is my life and I’m living it in my way. I love to travel, to share my expressions, I love fashion and to combine outfits, I love to read books and to go to school, I love to learn new things,I love to dance, I love summer etc. There are many things that I love and that I love to do. I hope that I will be interesting enough for you to stay and be with me on this journey by reading this blog.

And one more thing to say. I can accept critics if u say it to me personally. So don’t be afraid, If u can’t tell me trough comment bellow you can email me!

Let’s resume:  We’re all getting older. You can’t stop the time. Don’t be afraid of new opportunities. Be yourself. Be positive. And of course, read my blog!

Here are some pictures from my birthday, just so you could see my outfit and makeup:

bdaystyle bdayoutfitmakeup1makeup

Love you all, have a nice week,



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