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Suspenders in Prater (Vienna, Austria)

Hey guys! As you probably know if you follow me on instagram and snapchat I’m in Vienna now. I’m not here first time, of course and I’m enjoying as always. Yesterday I bought new suspenders. As you know they are back! You can wear them in many ways. Today I was in Prater and decide to take a chance and shoot them right there! It was fun and amazing in same time. More about this vacation and everything that I love here you can find out on instagram: styleofgoddess.

11880153_1118450451517971_1591945041_n 11871705_1118450551517961_1357698500_o 11872704_1118450274851322_958678200_n 11874141_1118450604851289_1246957468_n  11880419_1118450308184652_579125280_n 11900860_1118450501517966_1328536222_o 11903512_1118450531517963_906464448_n 11907992_1118450101518006_760615201_n 11909683_1118450438184639_1322251639_n  11909802_1118450331517983_526905511_n 11910905_1118450161518000_1595909030_n11886861_1118450391517977_1501574723_o11909744_1118450481517968_590428456_n


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