Bloopers time

Hey folks! We all know what bloopers are.  Our little outbursts.  When you’re preparing yourself to look great on picture and then your photographer suddenly become sneaky and take a picture of you when you’re not prepared. My photographer likes to take a thousand of pictures of me and it doesn’t matter if I’m ready or not. “Spontaneous pictures are the best pictures”. If u say so…

Anyway I wanted to share with you these interesting pictures that I didn’t delete. You all should know that even pictures like these could look nice and lovely. You don’t always need to be prepared 100%. 11830896_1112331115463238_409870573_n 11845943_1115363658493317_10033881_n IMG_20150702_195547 11355627_1069822479714102_750313785_n 11103980_1046457525383931_451543526_n 11173537_1052310301465320_1335552043_n

Need to go and pack stuff for tomorrow. On intagram you will find out where I’m going. (

Wish you all a great day,



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