Pink Monday?

“How deep is your love? Is it like the Ocean?” with the first clocks of this song I started writing this post. Song is finished a long time ago and I’m still waiting for inspiration. Anyone that knows me even a little bit will see that there’s something wrong. Pink&Me? Is it possible? It’s true that I don’t really love this color. And I don’t know why. I just don’t see myself in it. But today since I woke up everything is pink around me. Mom bought me pink slippers, sister got new pink phone case, I decide to have pink nails this week, and I got desire to try my new pink eyeshadow. Usually I don’t wear too much make up because I don’t feel comfortable with it. Especially when it’s summer. It bothers me. However this morning I was on We Heart It and I saw picture where girl in very usual way made unusual combination of colors for her makeup. I decided to play with it too and instead of blue I choose pink and instead of brown I choose black eyeshadow. But the pattern is same. (This light was so unpredictable, sorry for that, but I can’t control the Sun)

11855473_1062318967135777_625053486_n11853838_1062318943802446_1352330649_n   11874228_1062318950469112_151519787_n11853998_1062318937135780_1566051060_n

This pink shirt is amazing for these hot summer days. It’s widely and leisurely. I really love this blouse. Okay, I still have this makeup on my face and I’m feeling like I can’t breathe so I’ll go to remove it and then to clean my room and go out with friend.


Want you an amazing day,



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