My favorite place on Earth

Hey you!

When I was little the biggest smile on my face you could see when my parents say that we’re going to Petrovaradin. This fortress brings to me many happy memories from childhood. In this place I could yell, dance or sit on the middle of a street and there’s no one to judge me. Literally, there’s no one. You can easily find a place where you will be alone. For me it’s not good to spend too much time alone with my mind. But I like to sit on grass and just stare somewhere randomly. If you’re not a person that like to walk alone and be alone you can come there with a boyfriend or girlfriend and you will find romantic places that you could only dream of. What about friends? Could you do anything interesting there with your crew? Well, if it’s right crew you can be anywhere and you will have a good time. But yes, you can enjoy here and with your friends. So much opportunities is there you just need to find a time to go there and then no matter with who you are (not) you will be satisfied. It’s like a place that takes away all your negativity and stress. At least for me it is. Place that makes you feel like any dream is possible to become a reality, place where you can make an amazing plan, or took a hard decision. Place where you cold take a deep breath and not worry that you just bring in yourself poisoned chemicals. Place where everything looks easy. If you are a nature person you would be in love with this place. Just like I am. If heaven exist I would like it to look like this fortress. Because for me it’s heaven on Earth.







I hope that there’s a lot of time to make a new memories in this place.


ph by: L.K.

*- with L.K.

**- with bestie

Wearing: H&M shirt; Roberto Cavalli shorts; Converse; Oriflame wallet




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