A Stamp

Hey folks! What if I tell u that every single post that I wrote have some kind of a stamp. Something that is in every picture and have its own story and on certain way it’s important to me. If u look closer I think you can see what is a stamp in this post.

11774431_1106650859364597_335437909_n 11774457_1106650926031257_587250651_n 11774814_1106650876031262_90162632_n 11805963_1106650852697931_610390995_n11778127_1053931147974559_487702398_n - Kopirati11780489_1053931081307899_409284291_n - Kopirati11793385_1053931124641228_1171822943_n11798027_1053931131307894_271609256_n11798556_1053931111307896_327774492_n

You know that I adore red lipsticks xx

And…what do you think that is a stamp of this post? Do you have your own stamp? Something that makes you distinctive. 🙂

How are u spending your Monday?



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