Red lipstick befit everyone!

Hey guys. I decide to do this little experiment and to prove that red lipstick isn’t only for big lips and great smile, but for every type of lips. I had a little help of my friends for this: They’ve wore a red lipstick and pictured themselves like that. One friend have amazing big lips, another cute small, and I’m somewhere in middle. Let’s see how it looks:

  1. My friend that have a big lips and great smile. There is no argue that girls who have lips like this can wear red lipsticks.                                                                                                                                 11758893_858050137615584_1380648251_n11739668_858049944282270_977098136_n11748587_858049867615611_344441399_n
  2. Girls who have a type of lips like me can wear red lipsticks but I have read in some article that very red lipsticks doesn’t befit to us. Because of that I’m wearing here my red lipstick and I think it’s great. Your opinion?  11737180_1049606455073695_642664866_n 11741942_1049606385073702_365761770_n11748566_1049606395073701_1323277291_n
  3. And here we are. Girls with small lips should not wear red lipsticks! I’m looking at these pictures and I just can’t believe how much they’re wrong. A picture is worth a thousand words. She wear lipstick that have as a base blue lipstick in self and that’s why it looks a bit purple. But it’s a red lipstick with a blue base and it looks on her amazing. What do you think?                                                                    11758999_1074854032543901_1662849559_n11751093_1074853825877255_229443076_n 11758962_1074853952543909_741408373_n

I hope that I broke every stereotype that you had about this topic.

I need to thanks my friends- Girls you’re the best! 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend,



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