Elie Saab dresses- my favorites

Hey folks! We all know who Elie Saab is- a Lebanese fashion designer. Since 90s everyone is admiring to his creations. I especially love his dresses. These that are inspired with nature are definitely my favorites.

  1. This black dress with lace is taking my breath away. Black is a color that I always have on myself no matter what. I have little black dress in my closet, but this one is great for any evening event. And I really want her. 11756523_1100848943278122_1296941832_n
  2. This one reminds me on alternation of day and night. An assembly of colors is amazing and material looks like it’s  soft and gentle.                                                                                                                               11759392_1100818133281203_436029750_n
  3. This dress wore Lily Collins in Rome on premiere. Unity of this lovely colors that represents nightfall on sea is magnificent. Dress is simple but in same way and extraordinary.                               11694416_1100818073281209_621668892_n
  4. Again this material. But red, red is a color of love and in the same way of women’s power. I think that this dress is great and for these that don’t have expressed curves.                                                  11758866_1100818249947858_84820300_n
  5. When I saw this one I had this question in my head: Is this made for me? I’m a Lion in horoscope and gold is a color that reflects my personality.  Bright as a sun and royalty texture, this is my dream dress.11749291_1100818319947851_1461532425_n

Well these are my favorite Elie Saab dresses. What do you think about this designer and do you have any favorites from his collections? 🙂

Wish you great weekend,



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