My Exit Adventure

Only one word can describe this night: unbelievable. Milky Chance Capital Cities, Faithless and Zomboy led Main Stage to the boiling point. Crowd was positive, atmosphere that I had never seen, the incredible voices on stage contributed to the creation of my general impression of Exit. Each second spend there was worth remembering.  I don’t know where to start. But, as someone wise once said, you should start from the beginning. This fortress looks completely different while it’s Exit. Another positive thing about this festival is that it leads to parts of the fort that never seen in which it’s forbidden to go on regular days. When you strike the map and when you pass security and search at police you can finally relax and enjoy the rest of your evening. Exit has something for anyone. As for food, you can choose in Foodland. As for drinks, just get the card with which you pay and don’t worry that you will be thirsty. When it comes to music, for those who loves Serbian music there’s disappointment, but for rest of us, there’s enthusiasm. From pop to rock. In one place. Each stage has its own story, its own theme. And there’s plenty of them. On the Main Stage there are always well-known stars. At MTS Dance Arena there are always DJs. There are and other stages like Radio ASFM, Guarana no sleep, Fusion, Silent etc. Silent is specific in the way that everyone gets their own headphones and listen in that way music that they want. It’s funny when you pass by that stage and see crowd dancing in beat of music that you don’t hear. 11755214_10200720600175293_7431613561842164617_n

During the Milky Chance the crowd was the most crazy with songs Down by the River and Stolen Dance, after which he left us.

One half hour after Capital Cities came on stage right from the LA, California. The lively bend, good songs and the will of us, audience, has made this show special. Especially because it occurred and proposal on stage, and after her consent it was followed by a short, romantic firework. Since we show them how we enjoy during song Safe and Sound we gained the impression that they don’t want to leave us. They were singing more, repeating some parts of some song, jumping on the stage and forcing us to jump with them. And we learn a dance with them.

I was little late for Faithless but I saw firework that last long while I was floating through crowd. You understand that I can’t get no sleep song provoked the strongest reactions in the audience. However, I have liked some lighter songs that followed, for some personal reasons.

Zomboy in its own special way as always impressed the crowd and especially those of us who listen and that kind of music. In addition to the special effects, his music and super society, the atmosphere has never been better.

I can write this more and more but I think that I still couldn’t manage to faithfully display all that I saw. For all those who have never been, and for those who were, you’re invited to come next year and have the best time ever, You have my word. It will be worth.


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