All about city that I love so much- Novi Sad,Serbia

On instagram you could see that I’m in Novi Sad these days. I wrote in some posts about this city but I never mention why I love it and why I’m visiting it so much.


In General:

It’s the second largest city in Serbia. It was founded in 1694, when Serbs formed a colony across the Danube from the Petrovaradin fortress. It’s not sure from which age is this fortress but some examining remains indicate that it’s from the early Bronze age. Right now it presents a beautiful legacy of older times, place for living, tourist attraction and home of famous music festival-Exit.                                                                                                     11741725_1096263547069995_181673768_n11713654_1096263513736665_1280422430_n11720592_1096263530403330_546816363_n

About Exit:

Exit is a music festival that is organized on Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad. Famous artists like Snoop Dog, The Prodigy, Rudimental, David Guetta, Billy Idol, Sex Pistols, Guns N’ Roses etc have performed on one of many stages on this festival. Favorite stages are Main stage and MTS Dance Arena. It started yesterday. This night will perform Tom Odell. Tomorrow there will be Martin Garrix and John Newman. On Sunday Capital Cities and Faithless. Of course every night there are more artist then these that I wrote and they perform on so many stages, but these ones are favorites and no one can wait their concerts.                                                                                            11715843_1096263487070001_747026389_n 11713543_1096263473736669_582274375_n

My Exit Adventure:

This year I’m going for the first time. Unfortunately I’m going just one, last night. I have some obligations that have to be done before Sunday so because of that I can’t attend to all nights. But I don’t doubt it will be the best night in my life. In next week I will write a post about that one night.

You can see it all live if you follow me on snapchat:  styleofgoddess and on instagram: styleofgoddess

I hope you will like this festival and maybe come here next year! 🙂

Love ya all,



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