How to choose lipstick that will reduce the effect of yellow teeth || Which one you should avoid?

Hello people! Well this is an extension of my last post:

In that post I was talking about shades of lipsticks that can help you to reduce the effect of yellow teeth. I think that you should know which shades can make a counter…this is what I learned:

  1. Powder color or light pink color- it can even emphasize yellowness. If you don’t have enviously white teeth I don’t recommend these shades.                                                         11652131_1088507471178936_856811050_n
  2. Intense shades of orange and magenta- these two can’t blend with complexion, If you have bright skin should choose orange with colder tones. If you have red hear you should wear bright orange, and if you’re blond you should wear lipstick in peach shade.                                                11696766_1088507527845597_1735298493_n
  3. Matt and pearly lipstick- matte shades emphasize irregularities and stains on teeth. Pearly lipsticks leaves negative sign because they reflects on teeth making them fully painted. They should be avoided. 11692895_1088507567845593_1450839908_n

If you love one of these shades you should wear them. But then you should take care of your teeth and their whiteness. I know that baking soda can help you in tooth whitening.

Wish you a great day! 🙂



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