Those curls!

Hey guys! I want to say that I admire to those girls who have natural curled hair. I have curled hair for almost 4 days and I think I will snap. It’s messy, it have big volume and I can’t control it. My natural hair is straight. Sometimes it can be with little curls, but you can’t even notice them. Right now I have big curled hair that looks like a lion’s mane. I’m lion in horoscope, but this is… When I learn how to control this, you will be first that know! For now, wish me luck…. 🙂

11348975_1035081916526149_148864139_n 11650553_1035028639864810_1865273043_n11653437_1087348311294852_995102081_n

p.s. if there is any girl with natural curled hair feel free to comment! 🙂



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