Summer outfit

Hey folks! Going for a walk? Or to have lunch with friends? And outside is really warm? Well you definitely should not wear something tight. Then your skin can’t breathe. Instead of that you should wear blouse that doesn’t stick to your body or shirt like I do. Shorts are great if it’s denim then it’s better. I wear H&M shirt, Levi Strauss & co denim shorts, white converse and David Jones bag. I must say that “Levi Strauss & co” have amazing denim clothes and you can shop it here: They are company from San Francisco, California.

11354725_1084842704878746_1861705772_n11121057_1084842678212082_1408014553_n 11637886_1084842564878760_1710253732_n 11637918_1084842728212077_1400381389_n

Simple makeup for this outfit is the best. If you put too much on your face you’ll not feel comfortable because of sun and temperature.


Wish you a great day,

Helena 🙂


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