New formula: How to lose lard with natural ingredients?

Hey guys! Sorry for this little break. This time I bring you a new formula. Well summer is in front of our doors and it’s time to get our body fit! You’re not satisfied with your stomach? Then I have a recipe for amazing drink that will help you lose lad. I use it and it really helps. Every morning on empty stomach and every night before sleep use it and you’ll see results very soon 😉

  1. Boil 2dl of water (almost like a juice glass)
  2. After that put half tsp of ground cinnamon in boiled water
  3. Cover it and let it stay half hour
  4. Put tsp of honey in that mix
  5. This drink you need to split on half. One half drink before sleep, and second in morning at empty stomach.

1781392_1082622465100770_528877997_n 11647249_1082622441767439_37877900_n

Wish you a good luck! 🙂



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