Shorts for everyone!

Hey folks! What do you think? Can we all wear shorts no matter about our size or our build? I think we can. We just need to “follow some rules” so we could all look good in them.

  1. Fuller structure– when you wear denim shorts always put a belt to emphasize the waist and never bypassing shoes with high heels whether it comes to high heels or platform. It will elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. Also, avoid too narrow and too short shorts. For you the ideal choice are also a sets – shorts and a jacket or a long jacket that will create a balance. Be sure not to wear too-tight T-shirts with shorts. Dial fluttering blouses that will get into shorts is a great choice.          11351515_1067773336585683_661994304_n
  2. Small structure – With shorts wear a closed blouse in order for focus on your feet . The small girls are lucky you can wear and extra short shorts with a high waist. Blouse should be drawn into the shorts , but with line below the navel to maintain the harmonious proportions of the body. Tunic over shorts will cover you and make you look finer than you are. Of course , high heels again!     11304486_1067773319919018_1870479944_n
  3. High girls– blouse always let go over your shorts to create a balance with your long legs. Of course your feet should be in the foreground. The best choice of footwear: high heels in color, ballet and even deep models of high-heeled shoes. If your legs are to skinny avoid too baggy shorts.            11358768_1067773296585687_193863047_n

I hope this advice will help you to find your perfect shorts for summer and enable you to wear them perfectly! 🙂

Wish you all a great day,



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