3 makeup mistakes that you make and don’t even know

Hey guys! I decide to publish post about this mistakes because I know that most girls make them. I will make them on myself and then post how it really should look like:

  1. Making our eyes look smaller: Avoid to put too much eyeliner, eye pencil or dark shadow under your eyes or on waterline unless you have really big eyes as Nicole Richie have ( The line should be discreet and as much as it takes to define and prominent your eye. It can look sexy then. 😉  mhttmhhh
  2. Sharp line: Blush or bronzer should look natural. Big, sharp line is a BIG MISTAKE! Make a lot of moves with your brush so it can look as it should.   (Almost like your complexion)                                                              11128582_1012367235464284_1732319026_n 11292661_1012367202130954_905011722_n
  3. Drawn eyebrows: When you drawn them too much it just look awful. You don’t want eyebrows like cartoon girls have. It should look natural. Just follow line of your eyebrows and fill it. That’s all that you need to do. And of course eyebrow pencil should be in same color as your eyebrows are.  pfff heh

Those mistakes can make look really bad, can’t they? 🙂

So be careful!

With love,



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