Gothic makeup

Hey folks! Here is raining and I can’t go out and take a pictures about outfit that I wanted. So I decide to do a makeup post. Some of you told me that I have a great makeup on my post. This makeup is really dark. On my face as usually I put foundation, concealer >under lower lips, on cheekbone, above eyebrows and on nose<  and a bronzer on cheeks. On my shutters I put only black eyeshadow and black eyeliner. On waterline I put white eye pencil so my eyes could look more open and then I look fresh. With a mascara and rose lipstick I finish my makeup. 🙂

11126668_1062185340477816_83556879_n 11225836_1062185383811145_121061770_n 11251557_1062185390477811_1600104081_n 11255159_1062185327144484_558883660_n

What do you think about this makeup?

Wish you all a good day,



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