At least I have macarons

Well this day went so fast. I woke up at 4 am and traveled to Belgrade. There first I went to Airport City to do some things and then in Delta City for shopping.

11256424_1061048403924843_67156104_n 11216168_1061048343924849_2025162100_n 11257664_1061048353924848_369060599_n 11261077_1061048377258179_386668204_n

I wore YKK jeans, Terranova shirt with a “Most Girls Are Jealous Of My Style” print, David Jones bag and a Converse.

My make up was simple because it was a long trip so I didn’t want it to be ruined.

11262933_1061048317258185_11268317_n 11267718_1061048327258184_1764495280_n

Macarons are my favorite cookies and I found them in Delta City. The best thing that happened to me today. 🙂


With love,



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