Curls issues

Hey guys! Well these few days I have curls and today I heard my friends talking about how they can’t have curls more than two days because they crumble so fast. They are so amazed with how I can have them for a few days once I made them.


So, there are some tips how to get any of your hairstyles last longer:

  1. Don’t use too much products like hair spray.
  2. Apply dry shampoo if you have one.
  3. Don’t touch too much your hair. I know it’s pretty but she could get full of dirts and oils and then you’ll need to wash her.
  4. Try not to expose her to different weathers. Today wind, tomorrow rain and then sun.

When I make curls I just let my hair down. I stick to these tips but my hair naturally keeps styles that I made.


Hope these tips will help you,



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