Gothic girl

Okay, I’m just kidding with this title. I’m not Gothic.  But with this color I may look like that.

11160248_1048737281822622_1911970411_n 11156914_1048737361822614_1307683884_n

So you can see that I decide to be in black today. I’m in love with this H&M skirt and with this Legend World Wide t-shirt. I pull my hair in low messy bun. What do you think about it? 🙂

skirt shirtheels

Make up isn’t anything special today. It’s blend of a white and black on my shutters. Lipstick is in maroon color.


This weekend was great. Yours? 🙂

Hope you liked this post,



2 thoughts on “Gothic girl

  1. Gothic or not, this is a great outfit. The skirt is awesome and the material gives it a edgy look. The top is a great style and the pumps are a perfect selection. 😉


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