My favorite new things

  • In last few months I bought a few things in cities that I visit. Here I separate my favorite things that I bought.


  1. J&J black leather jacket – I was searching for black leather jacket for spring and then I saw this one. I immediately bought it!                                                                       IMG_20150410_161736 IMG_20150410_155327 IMG_20150410_161645
  2. Blue dress that I bought in New Yorker for Saturday nights.          IMG_20150410_155512 IMG_20150410_161602 10659155_888744767821496_126631966418659178_n
  3. This black blazer is from Italy and I bought it for New Year’s Eve. But I wore it on meetings or in a casual outfit. It’s very useful.                                                                                                      IMG_20150410_155614 IMG_20150410_1614211420324565686
  4. Black&white plaid skirt. It’s like school uniform. A great one!        IMG_20150410_155743 IMG_20150410_155748 IMG_20150410_155755
  5. Amisu jeans. My favorite in the closet! I ADORE them!                       IMG_20150410_160543 IMG_20150410_160621 IMG_20150410_160653
  6. Black night-dress. It’s soft and beautiful.                                                             IMG_20150410_155942 IMG_20150410_160107 IMG_20150410_161307
  7. White mini bag. I bought it in Banja Luka. I can wear her everywhere and she’s really compact. IMG_20150410_160800 IMG_20150410_160803 IMG_20150410_160808
  8. Black perfect bag that I bought in Novi Sad. I feel like she’s made for me!      IMG_20150410_160721 IMG_20150410_160733
  9. Blue jeans. They are thight and wonderful!                                     IMG_20150410_160314 IMG_20150410_160323 IMG_20150410_161116

Well, guys, it’s finally Friday. In Sunday I have Easter so here are holidays. How will you spend this weekend? 🙂

With love,



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