Spring is coming- what to wear?

  • Tights, leather jackets and sneakers!

I really love spring because then starts sunny days. But when spring come I always sit in front of closet and think what to wear. Do I need new clothes? Or should I wear those from last spring? Can I combine sneakers and dress? Ahh…so many question pop up in my head in that time…So, now I’m here to tell you what you can always combine on spring! (the most important things are above!)


  1. Leather jackets with messy braid- I just need to write this! Try it and you will see how awesome it is (on my instagram account I wrote about how much I love to combine leather J with messy B). large (1)
  2. Dress with sneakers- of course you can combine this! Dress with flower details or with stripes is always great to combine with cloth sneakers.                                                       large (2)
  3. Tights with shallow boots- everyone will agree that this is great. Especially when boots are made of leather. large (4)
  4. Small bags and big sunglasses- this two are for every outfit! Try and you will see! 11078305_1041354699227547_1856258893_n
  5. Large boots with short skirt (dress)- girly or sexy- anyway it’s perfect!                         large (3)
  • In next post I will write about colors of this season and more interesting stuff!

Thank you,



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