Face care

  • We all know that is very important to take care of our face. Too much make up or traveling and change of weather can affect our skin. Face care doesn’t take so much time like you probably heard. It will be more easy if you make a habit from that. Here are some advice about this.
  • As soon as you start with make up you should start with face care. That is the best time to start. Of course some of you didn’t know that it is that important. First me. I start with face care almost year later after starting with make up. It’s a big mistake. I was lucky that my skin isn’t too sensitive.


  • Please, never go to sleep with a make up on. Buy yourself a good make up Remover and do it in few seconds. Even if you are so much tired that you can barely watch go to bathroom and remove your make up. Your skin will be grateful to you!


  • When you are at home be without make up. You should let your face be naked. Even you will feel better.
  • What you eat and how much do you exercise is very important for your skin! When food and drinks are concerned these are approved as a very good for skin:

Olive oil, tomatoes, dark chocolate, sardines, green tea, walnuts, almond milk, water, kiwi, eggs, red wine, carrots etc.

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  • You know that moisturizer is very important. I separate here some excellent moisturizer that are for every type of skin:

Jurlique Calendula Cream $37

Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream $30

MAC Strobe Cream $32

Kinerase Cream $119

Envision Beauty the Solution $89.95


  • I hope this post helped you about this topic. If there is any question that you have, let me know bellow! 🙂

p.s. don’t forget that washing your face correctly is THE MOST important thing in face care. About this more in other post.


With love,



4 thoughts on “Face care

  1. Face care really is important. Moisturising keeps you young! 🙂
    Great post!
    Also, I know that you were following me on my wordpress blog. I’m self hosting now and I was just wondering if you could go to my blog and email subscribe? That way it’s easier for you to get new updates from my blog!


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